Pan's Labyrinth Automata

"Labyrinthum Locum Dare Spei" is a wooden automata created in tribute of Guillermo del Toro's filmography for the Gallery 1988 exhibition "Guillermo Del Toro: In Service Of Monsters", curated by Chogrin and Gary Deocampo.

Holy moly I wish I was in LA to see this enchanting woodcut automata piece at the Gallery 1988 Guillermo Del Toro tribute show. It was made by the artists at Cinema Fantasma.
— Tested
The Automata ready to be used!

The Automata ready to be used!


GUILLERMO DEL TORO: IN SERVICE OF MONSTERS is an art show in tribute to Guillermo del Toro's filmography. The show was curated by illustrator & designer Chogrin, and co-curated by artist and collaborator, Gary Deocampo.